Custom Wound Coils

These variable shielded coil forms are used in making adjustable, tunable inductors, transformers, IFT Coils, oscillators, narrow band RF filters, broadband FR filters. Lodestone hardware is famous for High Q and Superior Temperature Stability. Popular Toko coil sizes 5P, 5K, 5KR, 5PAG, 5PAB, 7KL, 7KLL, 7KM, 7KMM, 7PY, 7PSG, 7P, 10K and 10EZ are available. Coil form hardware, or finished custom coils to match customer specifications.

Order Custom Finished Coils

Two Easy Procedures to Choose From

  • 1) E-mail us a drawing
    • a) Specifiy 5mm, 7mm or 10mm
    • b) Fixed cup, with tuned core or fixed drum core with tuned cup.
    • c) Specify Freq, inductance and Q.
    • d) Specifiy the internal capacitor if needed.
    • e) Specify winding style.
  • 2) E-mail us the Toko finished coil part number.

We will quote price, minimum quantity and delivery

All custom variable shielded coils will use the part numbering convention below. You can create your own part number of let us develope it for you from your drawing or Toko part number.

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