LodestonePacific - 25 years
Packaging Trays
  • Facilitate Automatic Pick and Place
  • Protects parts from handling damage
  • Affix bar core lables and QC approvals
  • Accurate quantites without counting scales
  • Convinient part number and quantity marking
  • Easily move product through production
  • Resused to package finished components
  • Anti-Static PVC to EIA-541

Protect the terminals of wound components during transport, during winding, facilitate pick & place, of for delivering the finished component. Trays reduce overall component cost by reducing counting errors, eliminating transit damage, can be re-used, and is a cost effective packaging method. Our trays nest for ease of transport and storage when empty, or when turned 180°, stack to protect the components in each cavity. We can create trays with custom cavity sizes within our standard 8.75 by 11.75 inches tray, or entirely to your specifications. The title block in each tray can be customized with a customer's name and/or part number.

High Impact Styrene (HIPS): White packaging trays are cost effective and are the included packaging method for many items in this catalog.

Anti-Static, RoHS Compliant PVC: These clear trays are available in all standard tray sizes and are sold seperately. These anti-static trays meet EIA-541 and are generally available in stock.

Tray No.Cavity WidthCavity LengthCavity DepthHIPS or PVCCavities
TY28X65.28 .65 .33 Both 280
TY37X47.37 .47 .33 Both 260
TY50x50.50 .50 .32Both 200
TY45X70.45 .70 .35 Both 150
TY74X77 .74 .77 .40 Both 100
TY65X100 .65 1.0 .45 Both 75
TY85X116 .85 1.16 .69 Both 50
TY122X140 1.22 1.4 .65 Both 35