LodestonePacific - 25 years
Technical Literature
Mounting Solutions: Toroid Mounts, Components Headers, Shielded Coil Forms, & Solderability.

Toroid Mount & Headers Catalog, Issue "K" (1.8Mb)
Effective Mounting of Toroidal Magnetics Requires Packaging & Production Considerations (990 Kb)

Bobbin Catalog (100.3 Mb)
Transformer Bobbin and Core Selection Involves Interdisciplinary Design and Cost Issues (52 Kb)

• Shielded Coil Forms Catalog
Shielded Coil Forms Article (3.2 Mb)

Cost of Quality Article (247 Kb)

The Solderability Value Chain (2.3 Mb)

Technical Information

Ferrite Material Selection Guide (PDF, 221 Kb)
EMI/RFI Common Mode Filters (PDF, 325 Kb)
Q Curves for Ferrite Cores (PDF, 1.98 Mb)
Step Gap "E" Core Swing Chokes (PDF, 115 Kb)
Common Mode Inductors for EMI (PDF, 125 Kb)
Curve Fit Equations for Ferrite Materials (PDF, 284Kb)
Designing with Planar Ferrite Cores (PDF, 271 Kb)
A Critical Comparison of Ferrites with Other Magnetic Materials (PDF, 436 Kb)
Common Mode Filter Inductor Design Software (ZIP, 1.17 Mb)
Magnetics Clip Art Diskette (ZIP, 155 Kb)

Micrometals - Iron Powder Cores

Power Conversion Catalog (44.7 Mb)
RF Catalog (9.8 Mb)
200C (1.5 Mb)
MicroCubes (3.1 Mb)

Design Guidelines for Iron Powder Cores (28 Kb)
By Dale Nicol, Micrometals Inc.

Practical Construction Tips for Coils Using Iron Powder Cores (58 Kb)
By Dale Nicol, Micrometals, Inc.

An Objective Comparison of Powder Core Materials for Inductive Components with Selected Design Examples (242 Kb)
By Dale Nicol, Micrometals, Inc.

Iron Powder Cores for Switch mode Power Supply Inductors (4.2 Mb)
By: Jim Cox, Micrometals, Inc.
The purpose of this application note is to cover the properties of iron powder as amagnetic core material for inductors in switch-mode power supplies. The different considerations for DC output chokes, differential-mode line filter inductors, power factor correction inductors, and high frequency resonant inductors will be covered.

Iron Powder Cores for High Q Inductors (1.3 Mb)
By: Jim Cox, Micrometals, Inc.
A brief overview will be given of the development of carbonyl iron powders. We will show how the magnetic properties of the iron affect inductor performance and will show, through example, how the physical size of a core along with its winding details interact to affect Q Vs frequency characteristics.

Power Conversion Notes

Inductor Designs for High Frequencies - Powder Iron "Flux Paths" Can Eliminate Eddy Current (Gap Effect) Winding Losses (91 Kb)
By Bruce Carsten, Carsten Associates Inc.

Calculating the High Frequency Resistance of Single and Double Layer Toroidal Winding (373 Kb)
By Bruce Carsten, Carsten Associates Inc.

Simplified Calculations of Magnetic and Electrical Losses in Unity Power Factor Boost Pre-regulators. (2.6 Mb)
By Bruce Carsten, Carsten Associates Inc.

Fair-Rite Products - Ferrite Cores

Fair-Rite Catalog 17th Edition (8.1Mb)
SM Multi-layer Chip Inductors (260Kb)