LodestonePacific - 25 years
With over 5 million Iron Powder Cores, Nickel Powder Cores and Ferrite Cores in stock, in addition to superior customer service, Lodestone Pacific is truly the “Finest in the Field”. If you need toroids, E-Cores, PQ Cores, RM Cores, EP Cores, ETD Cores, ER Cores, EFD Cores or shield beads, we offer low pricing, high quality same day samples, catalogs, in-house technical support and closely scheduled deliveries.

Arnold Powder Cores

Cutting edge Nickel and Iron Powder Cores for Magnetic Applications including SMPS inductors, high Q filters, flyback and pulse transformers, and power factor correction.

Iron Powder Cores

World Leader in Iron Powder Cores for Magnetic Applications, including RF Inductors and transformers, differential mode chokes, dimmer & DC chokes, and PFC.

Fair-Rite Products
EMI/RFI Suppression Cores

Industry leading ferrite cores for EMI and RFI Suppression. Shield Beads, Snap-It Beads, Toroids, Multi Aperture Cores, Rods, Balun Cores, SMD Beads.

Core Coating & Painting

UL Recognized Sherwin Williams Polyurethane Enamel Polane Paint. High quality coating with voltage breadown and coating thickness measure and recorded. Low and high volume. One week turnaround.